Timber Preservation

Woodworm repair treatments Northern Ireland


Low odour, 8-hour re-entry treatments are used to eradicate woodworm. A proper survey is essential as old flight holes are often confused as active woodworm.

Dry Rot & Wet

When treating dry rot, the initial priority is to eliminate the source of damp and promote rapid drying of the structure. To achieve proper drying can be difficult.

timber preservation service Northern Ireland Therefore in order to provide real protection against fungal decay Ulster Damp Proofing Group provide a range of treatments to protect the timber and sterilise the masonry, including:

  • Fungicidal masonry
  • Deep penetrating timber
  • Anti-fungicide
  • Physical barriers and damp proof

  • Timber Resin Repairs

    Repairing structural timbers affected with decay can be very costly and involve a considerable amount of inconvenience and disruption.

    timber preservation service Northern Ireland Ulster Damp Proofing Group can select from a range of methods to repair structural timbers including a unique system, which uses epoxy resin.

    The Timber Resin Repair method can:
  • save thousands of pounds
  • avoid weeks of disruptive building work
  • save ornate ceilings and moulds
  • repair any shape or size of timber
  • be structurally guaranteed

  • Ulster Damp Proofing Group’s craftsmen can:

  • Carry out cosmetic repairs to exposed beams
  • Bond week lathe and plaster ceilings to the timber
  • Upgrade existing timber beams to cope with greater loads

  • Reinforced Resin Repair

    Reinforced Resin Repair Northern Ireland
    Reinforced Resin Repair Northern Ireland